Why Your Company Should Try Experiential Marketing

There are many reasons to try experiential marketing, some reasons could be as simple as curiosity or to boost your social media followers.


Holding contests or give always is a great way for any company to gain publicity. Not only will new customers arise when you set up a booth in a highly populated area, but your company will also most likely wind up on the television or on sites such and You Tube. Normally the company itself will hire someone to make recorded videos at the the contests/give always to help promote their business further.

Double Your Customers

When you hand out free products, it is not only the receivers that become your new customers. Once the person who received your free product tests it out, chances are they will pass the word along immediately to others in the family as well as close by friends and family. Once the word is out there, customers will be crawling all over the place, waiting to purchase their desired items.

Easy Way Out

Using experiential marketing as your companies main source of advertising is extremely easy, compared to creating commercials and attending meetings. When you take charge with experiential marketing, you will than be able to make decisions easier and test your theories out on new marketing strategies.

Watch a video of panelists from Social Edge Summit discussing taking risks and standing out from the crowd using experiential marketing ideas: