5 Examples of Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing is a standard brand activity amongst the largest brands in the World.  Here are few examples.

Doc McStuffins Check-up Clinic

At the Doc McStuffins Check-up Clinic children are able to walk in and start learning how to assess stuffed animals and care for all of their illness's. During the first 10 minutes of the tiny tour, children are able to diagnose "Big Ted" and use all of the required equipment to help Big Ted get better. This is a great experience for children and an even better opportunity for the Doc McStuffins team to promote their show to children of all ages.

Adidas (with Derrick Rose)

Any individual able to jump 10 feet in the air to reach the trainer sneakers on the shelf were given a completely free pair of trainers. Not only is this a fun competition for everyone involved, but it is an excellent way for Adidas to promote a newly created shoe.

Game of Thrones:

Game of Thrones producer gave experiential marketing a whole new experience when they placed a dragons skull on Dorset beach to promote season three of their series. Not only was this a brilliant idea, but the dragon skull used on the beach is extremely unique and allowed customers to be provided with awareness of the brand new season coming up.

The Simpsons

To promote the Simpsons movie, producers and 20th Century Fox convinced 7-Eleven to transfer 12 of their very own stores into the famous Kwick-E-Mart on the Simpson's movie.

Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew is one beverage company that takes experiential marketing to the max. Not only does this brand hold numerous giveaways, but they also hold a variety of contests where consumers have a chance to win free products from their company.

Example of Experiential Marketing: